How It Works



Reservations are unnecessary, but are suggested for large groups.  Feel free to walk-in anytime.  All ages welcome!

Please note: We are not responsible for items left over 30 days.

1. Pick Your Piece

Choose a piece of bisque pottery from our extensive collection.  Our collection includes items such as plates, bowls, mugs, figurines, holiday items, and a large variety of kids’ pieces.  Our prices start as low as $6.00, and meet all budgets.  A studio fee applies to each visit and includes the cost of paint, brushes, stencils, stamps and additional decorating supplies.

2. Pick Your Paints

You have two options for paint: Glazes and Acrylics.  Glazes need to be fired in the kiln, and are food safe and non-toxic.  Acrylics can be taken home the same day, and are sprayed with either a matte or gloss finish.  Glazed pieces can be used as functional items, whereas acrylic pieces are purely decorative.  We also sell specialty paints such as Crystalites, Elements and Jungle Gems.

3. Paint Your Piece

Now that you have selected your bisque and paints, you are ready to let your creative juices flow and create a truly unique item.  You are welcome to paint as long as you need. It’s not a problem if you don’t finish.  Just leave your piece with us, and return any time (up to 60 days) to finish your piece.  You will need to pay an additional studio fee when you return.

4. Fire or Spray

If you painted with glazes, you will leave your piece with us so that we can fire it in our kiln. The piece will be ready for pick up in approximately one week.  If you painted with acrylics, we will spray the piece with either a matte or gloss finish, and you can take it home the same day.